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Form 1 - Electric Utility Annual Report Data Current and Historical The Form No. 1 is a comprehensive financial and operating report submitted for Electric Rate regulation and financial audits. Major is defined as having 1 one million Megawatt hours or more; 2 100 megawatt hours of annual sales for resale; 3 500 megawatt hours of annual power exchange delivered; or 4 500 megawatt. Please address forms-related concerns, questions, or inquiries to the appropriate Email address for the relevant form listed under the adjacent ‘Contact’ green banner to the right. On April 2, 2020, the Commission issued a Notice Granting Extension of Time until June 1, 2020 for the FERC Form Nos. 60, 61, 552 and the Electric Quarterly Report Form-920. Form 1 - Electric Utility Annual Report Electronic Submission Software. Note: This also applies to Form 1-F and Form 3-Q - Comprehensive Quarterly Financial and Operating Report This page contains the Installation Manual and Software Download links for the Form 1 Submission Software FOSS. Note: The Form 1 software has been updated/tested and will function correctly with Windows 10, Windows 7.

Form 1 - Electric Utility Annual Report Viewer - Instructions and Download. Note: This also applies to Form 1–F and Form–3Q - Comprehensive Quarterly Financial and Operating Report Before downloading the Viewer Application, please print and read this page of instructions! You will save yourself a lot of time by referring to this page first, before contacting FERC with problem issues. 2020-01-22 · INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILING FERC FORM NOS. 1 and 3-Q GENERAL INFORMATION I. Purpose FERC Form No. 1 FERC Form 1 is an annual regulatory requirement for Major electric utilities, licensees and others 18 C.F.R. § 141.1. FERC Form No. 3-Q FERC Form 3-Qis a quarterly regulatory requirement which supplements the. Form 2/2A - Major and Non-major Natural Gas Pipeline Annual Report. Data Current and Historical The Form No. 2 is a compilation of financial and operational information from major interstate natural gas pipelines subject to the jurisdiction of the FERC.

2020-01-22 · of Service Based Analysis Schedule,” of FERC Form 6. When submitting pages 301 and 700, each exempt oil pipeline carrier must include page 1 of the FERC Form 6, the Identification and Attestation schedules 18 C.F.R. § 357.2 a2. c Oil pipeline carriers exempt from filing FERC Form 6 and pages 301 and whose annual. 2020-05-10 · FERC Form No. 423: Cost and Quality of Fuels for Electric Plants: Send us the PDF of the Form you need for a price: Send us the PDF of the Form you need for a price: FERC Form No. 516: Electric Quarterly Report: Send us the PDF of the Form you need for a price: Send us the PDF of the Form you need for a price: FERC Form No. 520: Application for Authority to Hold Interlocking. 2018-02-22 · a FERC Form 1 for each year ending December 31 must be filed by April 18th of the following year 18 CFR § 141.1, and b FERC Form 3-Q for each calendar quarter must be filed within 60 days after the reporting quarter 18 C.F.R. § 141.400. Current: FERC Form 1 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC Parts of FirstEnergy's business operations are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC. Working with FERC Form 1 Data. The non-confidential data involves several hundred pages of information for each investor-owned electric utility subsidiary on a state-by-state basis. Sep 22, 2016. Every year, all major U.S. electric utilities provide financial reports to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, under requirements of.

2019-09-17 · The FERC Form No. 6 FERC Form 6 is an annual regulatory reporting requirement and the FERC Form No. 6-Q FERC Form 6-Q is a quarterly regulatory reporting requirement. These reports are designed to collect both financial and operational informational from oil pipeline companies subject to FERC jurisdiction and are also considered to be non-confidential public use forms. FERC Form 1 Electric Utility Cost, Energy Sales, Peak Demand, and Customer Count Data 1994-2016 This spreadsheet contains information reported by over 200 investor-owned utilities to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the annual filing FERC Form 1 for the years 1994-2016. 2002-05-01 · Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. As of 05/01/02 the database contains 189 filings for the 2001 reporting year. Form 1 Viewer Instructions and Software Download complete. The public version of the Form 1 database is available for partial or complete download to client sites and may be viewed with the Form 1 Database Viewer software available for download from the URL listed below. 2020-05-05 · Duke Energy FERC Page. Duke Energy is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC. In order to comply with certain FERC public posting requirements and to provide links to other FERC related information, the following groups of information are provided: Mitigation Sales Electronic Bulletin Board; Standards of Conduct; Individual Company Information; Operating.

Power plant data prior to 2001 are separate files for utility and nonutility plants. For 2001 data and subsequent years, the data are Excel spreadsheet files that include data for all plants and make other changes to the presentation of the data. The Form EIA 906/920 data for 2004-2006 were updated. 4/1/2020 HTML PDF XBRL Abstract: Registrant reported that on April 1, it issued $600 million in aggregate principal amount of 3.40% senior notes, series due June 1, 2030. An Excel spreadsheet containing cost, sales, demand, and customer-count data collected from over 200 utilities over 1994-2016 in FERC Form 1. Open Access Same Time Information System OASIS The OASIS sites are used for customers to request transmission services and to designate and terminate network resources and for the transmission providers to post some of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC required postings, such as business practices, transfer capacity, transmission service products and prices. 2018-04-10 · page 1 of 5 Formula Rate - Non-Levelized Rate Formula Template For the 12 months ended 12/31/2018 Utilizing FERC Form 1 Data Thirteen Monthly Balances Composite Depreciation Rates Line Allocated No. Amount 1 GROSS REVENUE REQUIREMENT page 3, line 31 $ 561,553,075.

2020-02-06 · At 58 FR 18004-18006, Apr. 7, 1993, part 101 was amended by redesignating Definitions 30 through 38 as 31 through 39 and adding new Definition 30; adding paragraph 21 under the General Instructions; adding Accounts 158.1, 158.2, 182.3, and 254 under Balance Sheet Accounts; adding Accounts 407.3, 407.4, 411.8, and 411.9 under Income Accounts. Electric Cooperative Annual Report Form: Electric: View: In Excel Format: Electric Cooperative Annual Report Form: Electric: View: In Acrobat Format: FERC Form 1 Supplement: Electric: View: In Acrobat Format: FERC Form 1 Supplement: Electric: View: In Excel Format: SD Application Workbook for Electric: Electric: View: In Excel Format. 2020-05-01 · Formula Rates Annual transmission revenue requirements applicable under Attachment H of PJM's Open Access Transmission Tariff PDF are updated periodically and/or annually for the upcoming year. The time periods for the respective company's service and rates are reflected below. 2020-05-09 · Name each electronic Form 561 file using the naming convention: Lastname Firstname Middleinitial 2009.xls Complete a separate form for each individual Use the current Form 561 FERC will reject prior versions Don’t: File an Adobe PDF Embed the Excel file with other files “Stack” files or create multiple tabs within one file.

2020-01-02 · FERC Form 1 Data Filtering Incomplete/Invalid Form 1 Records Sorting Resource Category Data by Capacity Factors and Eliminating Outliers Sample Years Limited to Reflect Recent Year Trends Applying a Uniform Fuel Price to LCOE-Existing and LCOE-New Retaining Heat Rate Differences Between Existing and New Resources of the Same Type. Sales to Ultimate Customers 1990 forward — This file, compiled from data collected on the Form EIA-861 and an estimate from Form EIA-861S for data by customer sector, contains information on retail revenue, sales, and customer counts by state, balancing authority, and class of service including the transportation sector which was added in 2003 for each electric distribution utility or. 2012-04-09 · Help4Access demonstrates a custom database application developed for Alameda County's Family Education and Resource Center FERC. 2019-12-18 · QUESTION 1: Please provide SoCalGas and SDG&E’s complete FERC Form 2 filings for calendar years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Please provide forms in excel format and pdf format. RESPONSE 1: SoCalGas and SDG&E FERC Form 2 are being provided as.

2020-04-28 · Directions: To download the annual report form for your industry, click the link to the applicable file. Software Requirements: Please note the.xls files require Excel 2013 or newer. The Annual Report and verification page should be filed electronically. If the Annual Report is filed confidentially, a redacted and unredacted report should be. FERC Form No. 6 Annual Report of Oil Pipeline Companies and Supplemental Form No. 6-Q Quarterly Financial Report contain comprehensive financial and operating information about oil pipeline companies subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Quarterly reports have been required since 2004, and are due within 70 days from the end of the reporting quarter 18. Uniform System of Accounts • In the United States of America the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERC requires public utilities and licensees to maintain their books and records in accordance with the Commission’s Uniform System of Accounts USOA.

A. 2009 FERC Form 1 In accordance with Section 1giii1, a copy of ComEd’s FERC Form No. 1 is available for download at. B. Changes to Formula References to the FERC Form 1 Section 1giii2 of the implementation protocols requires identification of changes in the formula references to the FERC Form No. 1. Electric transmitting utilities operating balancing authority areas and planning areas with annual peak demand over 200MW are required to electronically file Form 714, reporting among other things, balancing authority area generation,.

Work with Revenue Reporting to provide Other Operating Revenue OOR variance explanations, OOR forecast’s, FERC Formula revenue reports, and FERC Form 1 reports. Review costs charged to customer orders, e.g., studies, relocations, renewable power interconnection facilities, to.

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